Kansas City 2007 Reunion & Layover - Page 11 - Pictures
The Kansas City Flight Crew Layover/Reunion Committee
Steve Tidler - Lisa Sachetta - JoDelle Burwell - Phil Stallings
Steve Tidler - Lisa Sachetta - JoDelle Burwell - Phil Stallings
with a lota help from Laura Colvin and John Green
We want to thank each of you who attended and helped to make the 2007 Layover/Reunion such great fun
We hope to see all of you next year!!!
John Green and Laura Colvin
We couldn't have done without you guys
Thanks, Laura, for all the help with supplies and setup
the patches you donated for hand out were great, John
The Commander and The Lieutenant
fight their way through another layover together
and bring back memories of the good times
One of the few serious moments during the weekend
Probably running out of beer ......
Lots to do before
the party
Photos courtesy of
Gerry Donaldson
Photos courtesy of
Lanette Duncan
Photos courtesy of
Lisa Sachetta
We thank everyone of ya'll for making this a great and fun layover .... we look forward to seeing you here next year