The 2009 Kansas City Reunion/Layover at the Airport Hilton in North 
Kansas City was canceled due to a lack of positive response to the 
event. However, the hardcore party crews decided they weren't going 
to let a little thing like a cancellation stop the party. 

Phil Stallings (Fort Worth) checked into the Lee's Summit Hampton 
Inn on Thursday, September 17th. He and Laura (Jones) Colvin met at 
JoDelle (Davidson) Burwell's home that evening to finalize plans for 
the weekend. By the way, JoDelle grills a fine hamburger. 

Friday (18th) the following crews gathered at Jose Pepper's Border 
Grill and Cantina next door to the hotel at 6 pm on the east end of the 
Bar's outdoor patio ... 

JoDelle (Davidson) Burwell, Laura (Jones) Colvin, Letha (Luster) 
Barnthouse, Sue (Cahill) VonGeyso, Claudia (Moersch) Roach 
(Stillwater, OK), Frank VonGeyso, Bob Erdmann (Arkansas), Mike 
Gadow, Rusty Lambert (East Texas), Steve Tidler (Denver), Ron 
Gallop, John Green, BJ Blackerby & wife. 

After some good Mexican food, a lot of beer, many stories, a lot of 
hugs and much laughter, the party broke up around 9:30. 

On Saturday afternoon Barb (Mitchell) Carroll, Lisa Sachetta, Ron 
(and Sharon) Gallop and Letha (and Ed) Barnthouse joined us as 
everyone gathered at Laura (Jones) Colvin's home on Lakewood 
Lakes where she had prepared a great spread of cheese's, spreads, 
crackers and salads. Around 3:30 we bungee'd two pontoon boats 
together. Everyone boarded, along with coolers of beer, and with 
JoDelle's husband, Greg Burwell, at the helm, we toured the lake for 
the next three hours. The weather could not have been better and all 
were reluctant to see our boat ride come to an end. 

But, it was back to Laura's for more food. She had prepared brisket, a 
mouth-watering, grilled salmon, baked potatoes and more. Laura's 
cooking is well worth the trip from Texas to Missouri! And, I found out
that not only can JoDelle grill a hamburger, she can whip up a potato
salad  to die for. 

After Laura blew out the candles on her birthday cake (yes, it was her 
birthday), and opened all her cards, we had cake and ice cream. Then 
it was time to head for the deck with more beer, memories and stories. 

Of course, everyone had at least one story. However, Steve Tidler said 
it best when he said, "I feel that John Green is ready for 'prime time', 
and needs his own stand-up comedy gig! (Blew me away!)." And, 
JoDelle added that we need always to sit John and Claudia Roach side 
by side as they just seem to feed off each other and play "straight 
man" for one another. 

By midnight, we were all in so much pain from laughing that we could 
hardly get out of our chairs. But, after hugs, kisses, handshakes and 
"we have to do this again .. soon.", we did manage to make it to the 
cars and back to the hotel or home by 1 am. 

Everyone agreed it was the best "mini" Kansas City reunion yet. And, 
I will tell you that it was a sad and lonely drive back to Texas on 
Sunday. I'm sure others felt the same as we once again went our 
separate ways. But, as they say, "Don't cry because it's over - smile 
because it happened." 

And, it will happen again ... soon! Ya'll should make the next one.