2010 Reunion
Kansas City Crew Base
October 15, 16 & 17, 2010
Saturday - October 16th
Laura Colvin's Lake Home
Food & Looking thru photo albums
Laura's food is to die for!!!
Laura (Jones) Colvin - Sue (Judd) Evans
Ed Barnthouse - Letha (Weldon) Barnthouse
Lanette Duncan - Rusty Lambert
Steve Tidler
Bob Erdmann & Claudia (Moersch) Roach
Claudia - Phil Stallings & Letha
John Green - Frank von Geyso
                       Sue (Judd) Evans - Lanette Duncan
Les Farris and Linda
Frank von Geyso - Lanette Duncan &
                                                   Steve Tidler .....
(who is that?  Let's go thru the alphabet - A= Al, Abe, Allan .. B=Bill, Bob ... Hell, I can't remember his name.... and, I flew with him a hundred times ...
Laura (Jones) Colvin - John Green - Sue (Judd) Evans
Lanette Duncan - Rusty Lambert - Steve Tidler
A SPECIAL Thank you to
Sherri (Ely) Portlock
for sending two albums filled with photos
and wonderful memories
photos courtesy of JoDelle Burwell