2010 Reunion
Kansas City Crew Base
October 15, 16 & 17, 2010
Saturday - October 16th
Afternoon on the lake
and, once again, we never lost anyone overboard!!
Lanette Duncan - Steve Tidler - JoDelle Burwell
Claudia (Moersch) Roach - John Green
Sheila                           Rusty Lambert
Barb (Mitchell) Carroll                       Frank von Geyso
Barb & Frank had to leave us early ... so, we put them ashore with Greg Burwell (he belongs to JoDelle) and he drove them back to their autos
Anita Kunst              Laura (Jones) Colvin      Sue (Judd) Evans
Ed & Letha (Weldon) Barnthouse
Linda             Les Farris
Laura (Jones) Colvin      John Green     Claudia (Moersch) Roach
The Commander - Phil Stallings
Bob Erdmann
Sue & Letha
Sue & Steve
Thanks to John & Sue Evans and Greg & JoDelle Burwell for letting us use their pontoon boats ... and to John who acted as "Boat Skipper" for the cruise
photos courtesy of JoDelle Burwell