2010 Reunion
Kansas City Crew Base
October 15, 16 & 17, 2010
Sunday - October 17th
Breakfast at Waffle House .. Hugs ... Kisses ...
Handshakes ... see you next year
Lanette Duncan                        Bob Erdmann
joined with
Claudia Roach, JoDelle Burwell, Steve Tidler, John Green
and Phil Stallings for a farewell breakfast
Pre-flight complete ...
Thanks JoDelle for the ride to the Lee's Summit Airport
and for the coffee
Saddled up and mounted ...
Now for that 3 hour flight back to Fort Worth ...
with lots of memories ... and wishing the next "layover"
wasn't so far in the future
Those attending during the weekend were
Steve Tidler
JoDelle (Davidson) Burwell
Sue (Judd) Evans
Rusty Lambert
Bob Erdmann
Les Farris
Letha (Weldon) Barnthouse
Barb (Mitchell) Carroll
John Green
Frank von Geyso
Judy (Saladino) Sellmeyer
Claudia (Moersch) Roach
Ron Gallop
Anita Kunst
Mike Gadow
Phil Stallings
photos courtesy of JoDelle Burwell