2006 Kansas City Flight Crew Christmas Party
All Christmas Party photos are courtesy of Ron Gallop
Claudia (Morersch) Roach - DC-3 Stew and our hostess for the party
Amy Leitner - a Bartender First Class
Great food ..
great drink ..
great friends ..
great party
Barb Carroll -
Anita (Linam) Kunst -
Sue (Judd) Evans
Sharon Gallop
Sue (Judd) Evans
Letha (Luster) Barnthouse
Phil Stallings
Claudia (Moersch) Roach  -   Central Airlines - Kansas City DC-3 Stewardess  -  hosted the Flight Crew Christmas Party in her home on December 10th.  A great time was had by all .... many stories - many laughs and a wonderful evening with "old" friends.