MAY 18 - 20, 2007 

The layover committee checked into the Hilton - Kansas City Airport on Thursday 
and began preparations for the 2007 Kansas City Flight Crew Reunion/Layover. 
The first to show up on Friday was Bob Stone (FAL Pilot 1977-1986) who 
checked into the hotel at 9:30 am in time to go to breakfast with the layover 
committee. And, the party was on!!! 

By Friday evening, a good group of FLamily had checked in and we were enjoying 
drinks and hors d'oeuvres in the lobby/bar area. Sometime around 9 pm the party 
moved to the "Crew" room upstairs for more drinks, pizza, more stories and 

Saturday began with breakfast at 10, although I found Jim Appleby holding court 
with a small group in the "Crew" room about 8:30 that morning, already back at 
telling each other lies and war stories. By 3 Saturday afternoon, the party was in full 
swing again. The evening was filled with much laughter and picture taking. And, 
thanks to JoDelle and Laura, two huge barrels of KFC showed up. Before the 
evening was over we were joined in the "Crew" room by layover crews from the 
"new" Frontier, Midwest, American and Chautauqua Airlines …. They could not 
believe that after 21 years the "Old" Frontier was still so much a family and still 
having the time of their lives together. I think I can safely say that we did show 
them what an airline layover/party should be!!!! 

Sunday morning saw us in the restaurant for breakfast at 10 … and then hugs, 
kisses, hand shakes and "good-by until next year". This was probably our smallest 
attendance for the KC Reunion/Layover … BUT, most everyone agrees that it was 
probably our BEST!!!! 

Those attending included: Bob Stone, Steve Tidler, Jim Appleby, Laura (Jones) 
Colvin, Gerrie Donaldson, Lanette Duncan, Howard Logan, John Green, Mike 
Gadow, Rusty Lambert, "Jack" Frost, JoDelle (Davidson) Burwell, Ken Larason, 
Tom Hollister, Neil Miller, Terry Calkins, Dan & Grace Scantlin, B. J. Blackerby , 
Barb Carroll, Lisa Sachetta, Carl Lorenzen, Sue (Cahill) von Geyso, Frank von 
Geyso, Ron Gallop, Claudia (Morersch) Roach and Phil Stallings. 

The Committee - JoDelle Burwell, Lisa Sachetta, Laura Colvin, Steve Tidler and 
Phil Stallings - would like to thank everyone who attended and helped make this 
another successful reunion/layover. A special Thank You to John Green for 
donating the FAL patches to be handed out to everyone in attendance. 

Check the Frontier News, the Kansas City Crew Website: 
And your e-mail for next year's plans. Hope to see everyone there in 2008. 

On Thursday the committee started getting things ready  ...
Lisa Sachetta, Laura (Jones) Colvin and JoDelle (Davidson) Burwell work on the picture board until after midnight.
Photos courtesy of
Gerry Donaldson
Lots to do before
the party
Photos courtesy of
Lanette Duncan
Photos courtesy of
Lisa Sachetta