September 23rd - 2011 and it's party time again . . .
Jose Pepper's Cantina
If there is a party ....
You know
Rusty Lambert
will show up!!!
Bardy Schollmeyer - JoDelle (Davidson) Burwell
Clay Reicker
Barb Womack  -  John Green
Sue Evans  -  Barb Carroll
Henry & Carolyn Rankin
Pam (Frank) Corvelli  -  Neil Miller
John Green  -  Letha (Luster) Barnthouse
Les Farris & friend, Linda
Judy Sellmeyer and fiancee Pat
JoDelle Burwell - Bob Erdmann - Lanette Duncan
Rusty Lambert - Phil Stallings - Laura Colvin - John Green Jannette Cox

photos courtesy of JoDelle Burwell