September 24th - 2011 / Gather at Laura Colvin's home
- load the pontoons - we required 3 of them lashed together to hold all the folks who showed up this year
What a great group of FLamily and Friends and
what a fun time we had!!!
Letha Barnthouse showed up in her F/A apron to serve as our Boat F/A during the cruise
That's Steve Tidler - Les Farris and Linda behind her
Lisa Sachetta - Anita Kunst - Sue Evans
Lanette Duncan - Bob Erdmann
Pam (Frank) Corvelli  -  Rusty Lambert
John Green - SueAnn and Richard Erb - Jeannette Cox
JoDelle Burwell  -  Bob Erdmann
Barb Womack
Steve Tidler  -  Rusty Lambert
Ed Barnthouse - Anita Kunst - Laura Colvin - Rusty Lambert
And, we couldn't have done the boat ride without our
Captain Greg Burwell
He runs a tight ship while the rest of us have fun
Pam Corvelli - Barb Carroll - Barb Womack - Laura Colvin

photos courtesy of JoDelle Burwell