September 24th - 2011 / Some more pictures taken on the lake
Lisa Sachetta  -  JoDelle Burwell
John Green - SueAnn and Richard Erb  -  Jannette Cox
Barb Carroll  -  Barb Womack  -  Sue Evans
Les Farris & Linda
Barb Womack  -  Sue Evans  -  Barb Carroll  -  Anita Kunst
John Green  -  SueAnn & Richard Erb  -  Jannette Cox
Sue Evans  -  Max Hunt
Bardy Schollmeyer - Laura Colvin - Barb Carroll - Lisa Sachetta
Phil Stallings
Our boat Captain - Greg Burwell, telling Clay Riecker how to 
drive 3 pontoons tied together
Sue Evans - Max Hunt - Sue & Frank vonGeyso
That's Dan Scanlin (back to camera)
"I don't care what she said, I wasn't there ... I was in my room 
studying my aircraft manuals!"
Phil Stallings

photos courtesy of Steve Tidwell