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United hired gentlemen with the expectation of training them to become  pilots. 
The "old" Frontier hired pilots hoping to train them to become  gentlemen. 
Despite their best efforts, neither carrier was considered  successful.  

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Easter Egg for the "Gals in the back"
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The pilots life is founded on three things: sex, seniority, and salary, in that order.
— Dr. Ludwig Lederer, corporate physician, American Airlines.

A free ride and free food are two of the three things no pilot ever turns down.
— attributed to Dick Rutan.

There is no more alluring airspace in the world than the slit up a China girl's dress.
— Earnest K. Gann, 'Band of Brothers'.

ALPA Magazine sometime during the mid 1980's
Hey girls .... step into the back room and get one of Bobby's Boobie Checks ...
Bobby Parcell
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