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This is The Unofficial Website for the
Kansas City Convair 580 Crew Base
This website in no way seeks to replace Jake Lamkins CN/FAL Alumni website.
It is, as the Kansas City Crew Base was, only a small part of the "big picture".  Here you will find pictures, stories and news having to do with the "old" Frontier Airlnes Kansas City Crew Base

This website is dedicated to those "gals in the back", the Convair Queens of Kansas City, who made life a total enjoyment for the "wheel house" crews who were known as Lockett's Rockets

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Webmaster's Note:  This website is a work of love .. love for an airline and the people who worked and flew for that airline .. and a crew base .. the Kansas City Crew Base .. to quote Captain Ron Gallop .. "The best flying club I ever belonged to."  ..  if you have stories and/or memories you would like to share, please post them in the Guest Book or send them to me ( ) and I will post them on the site .. enjoy your visit here and come back often ..
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Captain Bob Lockett
MKC - MCI Chief Pilot
See Capt'n Lockett's obit information on Jake's website by clicking on the following link:
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What is yesterday . . .

Yesterday is a secret room in your heart where you keep the memories of other years . . . 

Here you cherish the laughter from another time. 

Here you listen once again to the melodies of half-forgotten songs . . . 

Here you keep the stardust left over from a thousand young dreams. 

Yesterday . . . 

It's a memory-box filled with the warmth of old friends, the ribbons from a few races won . . .
and the leftover glow of long-gone loves . . . 

Yesterdays are extra special days. 

Tomorrow is a mystery . . . 

Today is too much with us . . . 

Yesterdays provide a warm and welcome memory of other and younger days . 

Yesterdays are always happy . . . 
because only the good memories siphon through the filter of time. 

Enjoy today . . . look forward to tomorrow . . . but never forget your yesterdays 

Because a world without yesterdays would be a very lonely place, indeed. 


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Okay,  send me some of your "old" pictures and let me post them here .. another reminder of the "good times".  Would prefer pictures of people ... yourself ... other members of our FAL Family ...  I will accept airplane, buildings ... whatever ... and will post them, but would like to get more pictures of the troops and girls ..  Let's face it - - the girls add beauty to the site ....

You can email them to me ) or if you can send me prints, 
I will scan them into my computer and return your originals to you.

Thanks ... Phil Stallings

Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot,
for one brief shining moment, that was known as Camelot
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