One of the joys of reunions is getting back in touch with friends from years gone by.  We in Kansas City were fortunate to have Captain Jim Roper's son and widow - John and Marianne - with us in September 2011.

John is working with the Kansas City Air Museum.  He extended an invitation to the FAL crews to attend a dance and dinner at the museum on October 8, 2011.  John reserved a table just for the FAL/CN crews.  

Captain John Green gathered some of the crew together and was in attendance at the event.  From what John tells and the pictures,  I would say a good time was had by all.
John Roper - Letha Barnthouse - Mike Gadow - Anita Kunst
and,   that's  Captain  John  Green  -  Frontier Airlines  -  Class A Uniform
Anita Knust and John Roper
Mike Gadow - Anita Knust - John Green
That's a TWA "Connie" back there
Mike Gadow leads Anita Knust around the dance floor
"Nurse" Anita Knust - Mike Gadow
Mike Gadow -  Anita Knust - Capt Green - Letha Barnthouse

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