Once upon a time in a place called Kansas City there was a Convair 580 Crew Base. 

Life was good ... the trips were good ... the crews were great friends ... the layovers were fun ... but as all good things must ... it came to an end.  Now and then the crews would have a gathering for a meal or a picnic and remember how it used to be.  This is the story of a weekend in May 2004 when the crews recreated the good times with a return to "Fort Smith Layover".

During the Fall and early Winter months of 2003, JoDelle (Davidson) Burwell was busy getting in touch with former Flight Attendants she had flown with during her years as a Frontier Airlines F/A.  As she came in contact with more and more of her long lost F/A friends she began to put together a plan for a Kansas City CV-580 F/A reunion.  For some unknown reason, the airline Gods put her in touch with Capt'n Phil Stallings.  He in turn threatened to gather "Lockett's Rockets" and crash the F/A Reunion.  And so was born the idea of recreating a FSM week end layover to be held at the Westin Crown Center in Kansas City, week end of May 21st, 2004.

With JoDelle handling the F/A contacts, Lisa Sachetta Ison handling the hotel and Capt'n Phil getting the "wheel house"crews together one of the wildest and most memorable reunions of past years took place on May 21, 22 and 23, 2004 in Kansas City.  This is the picture story of that "layover".